Thursday, May 22, 2014

When More Isn’t Better: Dealing with Burnout in Competitive Sports

{Reprinted from Women's Sports Foundation website} 
Sport is a place for girls to learn social interaction, hard work, the triumphs of success and coping skills when faced with failure. However, when recreational athletics turn to intense competitive sports, burnout is too often the result. Burnout, a term often associated with CEOs and highly-demanding positions, unfortunately is now becoming a common outcome in athletes as young as ten years old. What is Burnout? 
Professionals in sport psychology define burnout as, “physical/emotional exhaustion, sport devaluation, and reduced athletic accomplishment.” Simply put, burnout is when an athlete experiences overwhelming exhaustion from training and competition, resents or completely loses interest in the game, and experiences lower achievement than previously demonstrated.

Causes of Burnout {click-on Causes of Burnout to read complete post}

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