Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hi, everyone:
Below is the latest update from the CHOP CarePages for Hayley---read on to learn about her BIG SURPRISE from a WORLD-CLASS golfer:

Hayley is pictured left in the green jacket, cousin Matt, Krista , Coach Lyd (lower right) and Kaitlyn listening to ANNIKA SORENSTAM at Fiddler's Elbow in fall, 2010.

OK the surprise is no longer a surprise. Hayley was given a wonderful surprise from the Ashley Lauren Foundation---They got Annika Sorenstam (Hayley's all-time favorite golfer) to skype her. They brought a laptop and told her that a friend wanted her to skype them. She tried, but the picture wouldn't come up. Hay could hear the voice and thought she recognized the voice. All of a sudden, her picture came up, and Hayley yelled, "It's Annika. Hi Annika. Oh my gosh, it's Annika". They talked for awhile, and Hay told her that they've met before. Annika told her that of course she knew Hayley and her cousin Tara, and that she remembers them from Fiddlers' Elbow when she gave a couple of clinics. She told her that she knows that the photographer took a few pictures of Annika, Hayley, and Tara and that they were put in the newspaper. She asked how Tara was feeling because she had written to Tara when she had brain surgery a year and a half ago. She also sent both girls signed pictures of the three of them. She told Hayley that now that they are friends on Skype, how about if they call each other once a month to catch up. Hay is still in shock!!! We were just told that Annika went on Twitter and wrote that she was just talking and hanging with her friend, Hayley Filippini and hopes she is feeling well. WOW!!!! Unbelievable. Thank you to the Pragers for getting us in touch with this amazing organization!!!!
I would like to tell you about Hayley's vital signs, but she hasn't come off of the cloud yet, so the nurses decided to wait for another hour to take them.
Have a wonderful weekend and please keep Hay in your prayers along with all of the other kids here---especially MacKenzie who is trying to come home this weekend for a golf tournament, but can't seem to kick a fever!!!