Sunday, October 15, 2017

Jersey Girl MARINA ALEX Finishes 5th! Next Up: TAIWAN

RECAP of LPGA KEB Hana Bank Championship

Swinging Skirts LPGA TAIWAN Championship presented by CTBC: set your DVRs 
  • October 19 Golf Channel (Tape ET)12:30 - 5:00 p.m.
  • October 20 Golf Channel (Tape ET)12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
  • October 21 Golf Channel (Tape ET)12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
  • October 22 Golf Channel (Tape ET)12:00 - 2:30 p.m.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Jersey Girl MARINA ALEX Getting It Done Jersey-Style in Korea at LPGA KEB Hana Bank Championship

Marina's first round scorecard includes: 

1 eagle, 6 birdIes and 3 bogeys.

AFter first round she is One stroke (-5) behind the Leaders (-6).

Set your DVR for the following coverage on The GOlf Channel:

10/13 12:00 - 2:30 p.m.
10/14 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
10/15 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Oh, by gosh by golly:It's Time to LOOK WAY BACK to L.Y.D.I.A. Summer Junior Girls Golf Camps FOLLY in Flemington, NJ!!!!

Checkout the  date on photo!!!!!
 I can confirm that 3 out of 4 "LYD golf campers"
played golf on a high school golf team, just saying! (From left front row: Zora Moore , Radhika Ragam)
(From left, back row: "Coach" Lyd, Jen Smith, Lauren Johnson)

Johnny's and my hearts go out to the victims, their families, on-scene "heroes", first responders and all the medical staff who assisted with treating the mass casualties in the Las Vegas mass shooting. I do not have the words, no one can: to explain the unexplainable.
Time being that amazing thing that it is, I have a lot available right now (I'm glad) so I have been doing some (long overdo) archiving. As many of you know, I am recovering from a traumatic accident. You can read about it here. These archives are not only mine and Johnny's but YOURS!

I got to spend so much time with the junior/student golfers, siblings, parents, aunts and uncles..the list goes on!  As I looked through these photos, I recalled the heat and happy hearts! Parents were so cute dropping off and picking up their daughters from the camp. 

 Time is a really great healer. I hope you enjoy SKIPPING down MEMORY LANE and look at some of the great & fun (I think) junior girls golf programs I have "concocted" over the years.

I found these photos from my 2005 & 2006 summer girls golf camps. It was such a cool idea for some hot summer July evenings. The camp took place at Copper Hill Country club but was OPEN TO ALL Hunterdon County girls ages 7-17 to attend the camp regardless of their family's club affiliation.

Yea, baby! That's HOW TO GROW the game: give EVERYONE access to the sport with a CONSISTENT, RELIABLE schedule and SAFE environment.

I encouraged girls of ALL skill/experience levels to participate. I was able to employ & train high school girls and boys who played golf on my Hunterdon Central Varsity Girls golf team or a boys golf team. 

The camp counselors received pre-camp training (yes, really) on how to interact with the youngsters (i.e. get down to their eye level) safety, Vision 54 positive feedback strategies, how to employ auditory/visual learning techniques (i.e STICKERS!!!!) along with learning each station. Counselors had to demonstrate proficiency to me prior to being present at an actual camp session.

As a former physics teacher, I learned that an environment has to be a safe and positive for maximum learning to be inspired. As a teacher whether it was physics or in this case, golf that was my mantra:let's inspire these youngsters into learning a bit more about "it."

Once inspired, their imaginations take off, their bounds are limitless and they will AMAZE!

It was an honor to create, plan and run the camp for "the girls!"   Rumor has it that Coach LYD aka GGG Director & Founder thinks its time for a Girls Golf & GOGA (what???!!!) Reunion!

Stay tuned!
Camp counselor Kim Smith encourages her group of campers on a hot July afternoon:
Penny, Claire, Inna & Gianna! (3 of 5 girls played on HCRHS girls golf team)

Swinging through the ball with authority is Marissa (a future HC girls golf team member)!
Nice job catching the "physics" in action by the photographer!
It appears that Michelle Wie is channeling 2006
HCRHS Red Devils captain
& LYD girls golf  camp counselor Meg Willke--who knew?

L.Y.D. camp director & HCRHS Pioneering Varsity Girls Golf Team Coach
 Lydia Siipola guides Julie on the tee.
Up, up and away to the 11th green at CHCC!

Jen Smith gets ready in the play box at CHCC!
Up, up and away to the par 3 11th hole!

Putting games with Krystie Hanntz &
(future HC Girls golf team member!) Gianna Castaldo!

Future DVRHS golf team member Zora Moore
Zora visualizing her shot! 

Oh, by gosh by golly! Time for some summer girls golf camp FOLLY!
(From left: Kristin, (future HC girls golf team member) Deanna, Laurie and Penny)

Inna (future HC girls golf member)proudly watches her sis Mallory make that putt!

ALEX shows her A+ balance!

A look WAY back when riding in the golf cart was so FUN! 

Rutgers Prep Golf team & Copper Hill Country Club member Frank Sternberg,jr.
transforms into a LYD girls golf camp counselor!
From left: Julie, Jen, Lauren & Alex.

Having fun at the TRUST station!

With determination & her patented panache: INNA DOWD!

Time for a summer golf camp photo!

Krystie Hanntz swings freely!

Radhika Ragam makes us think golf is EASY!

Lauren Johnson has one thought in mind!
This ball is gonna FLY!
Deanna watches her ball fly into the bucket!

Summer LYD girls golf camp counselor Frank Sternberg, jr  leads Krystie, Marissa,
 Jennifer  and Mallory towards earning their golf stickers!

North Hunterdon  boys golf team, CHCC member & newly minted L.Y.D. summer girls camp counselor
 Erik Adolfsson pause swith his group on the par 5 15th hole at "our home" Copper Hill country Club
From left: Kristin ,Deanna, Laurie & Jenny!
HC girls golf & basketball team & Stanton Ridge golf and country club member
Steph Tully pauses on the putting game with her TEAM!
From left: Katie, Steph, Kristin & Liza.

Radhika,Zora, Marissa & Krystie: seems like its time for a
L.Y.D. girls golf camp REUNION!!!! Coach aka Miss Lydia
hopes you are all still golfing!!!!
Girls Golf MEDIA-BLITZ sounds good to me!

Camp counselor, HCRHS boys team& Copper Hill Country club member
  Bobby Bernard pauses on the putting green with his AWESOME SMILING group!

Camp counselor, HC Girls golf team & Copper Hill country club member
 Nikki Suseck takes a smile
break at the birdie bracelet-making station!

Katie, Liza, Meg, Julie and Alex are ALL SMILES! "Coach LYD" hopes you still play the game!
This is September, 2017 with my 10 year old niece. We are doing windshield wipers, wiffle ball chipping and taking turns standing on one foot or using one arm to pitch REAL golf balls to our target. My eyes have healed up pretty nicely (especially the left one--yikes!) and progress is happening. I promised that I would NOT post day one and on photos. But now, that TIME has moved on (it will be twenty-four months on Dec. 27) I just gotta KEEP SMILING and REMAIN UNDAUNTED & deal with the residue!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

President's Cup, Kiwis & 59!

Like you GGG is enjoying the coverage of the President's Cup at Liberty National!!!

GGG remembers when a few GGGers got to play Liberty National in a USGA Junior Girls  Amateur qualifying tournament!!! Beautiful VIEWS!!!!! SO fun to see it on television today!

Click below to read about the LPGA McKayson's Women's New Zealand Open.

With the President's Cup Hoopla Going on Sometimes You Need A Little KIWI!

Shout-out to the Sam Saunders who shot a 59 in the tour championship!!! Congratulations!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Girls Go Golfing CELEBRATES Their Genesis 10 Years AGO: Miles of SMILES

Brigid Campbell knows chipping at Beaver Brook
Laurie Pyner is ready to tee-off at Beaver Brook

Golfing SMILES say it all: Girls LOVE golfing!

Mother-daughter GOLFING moment!
Nancy & Amanda Beebe.

Radhika Ragam & Amanda Beebe
having fun golfing!
Nicole Petrocchi played (4) years on high school & college golf team!

Jess Wild is still wild about golf:played (4) years on HCRHS girls golf team &
is in her (3) year on University of Tampa Women's golf team

From left: Kara & Nicole were HC varsity girls golf team mates
& Gettysburg College Women's golf team mates; Brigid LOVES golfing with her GGG pals.

Celena played HC girls
golf team golf
Marissa was a 4-yr HC girls golf team
member 4 years under Head Coach Bobby
Nicolson & Assistant Coach Siipola
Radhika HC varsity girls
golf team member:two years
Coach Siipola & 2 years
under Coach Nicolson

Amanda HC Varisity girls golf team
member (3) yrs. under Coach Siipola
& (1 yr) Coach Bobby Nicolson.
She also played college golf as
part of the Swarthmore Men's golf
team:there is no Women's team: so
Amanda thought outside-the-box!
BEFORE the putt!

Making sure my golf tee is at the perfect height!

Marissa looks to her scorecard for an


Jen Smith follows through!

Laurie Pyner with Girls GO Golfing Directors Lydia & Johnny Siipola

Contemplating yardage on the par 3 at Heron Glen 

Putting smiles.

Kara & Kelly at GGG event  on Copper Hill Country club's
7th green

Its all about getting the golf ball IN the hole!

Girls GO Golfing in our THIRD season

Cannot say it better !

Brooke, Nicole & Taylor: on my HCRHS varsity girls golf team: you were awesome!


Julia Tonnessen eventually played on my
HC program under 2nd-in-line Head Coach
Bobby Nicolson

NATALIE is Ready for GOLF!!!

Making new friends 

Inna Dowd was a participant in
 my 2006 & '07 Leading Youth Destinies
girls golf camp & NOW a GGG participant
& a FUTURE HC varsity girls golf team member
for Coach Bobby!

Great way to spend a September afternoon golfing with (from left)
Jess Wild, Marissa Castaldo, Lexi Semanchik & Natalie Fella

Happy Golfers= Happy Humans

Sammie Wood is ANOTHER Happy Golfer!

What is your favorite GGG golfing moment?

SMILE Jess Wild & Alex Yang as Julia plays her shot!


Radhika showing proper golf flag etiquette

Amanda & Adult volunteer Kathy Wood
are all smiles at the CHCC Girls
Go Golfing adventure


Adult volunteer Nancy Beebe & her group demonstrate what
BEING GGG is FUN! (Marissa, Natalie, Lexi & Brooke!)

Ashley Fields , Charlie Wood , Marissa Castaldo & Shahin Damjii  on the green at Copper Hill enjoying
another game of Girls GO Golfing GOLF! 

Bridget Casey with a golf noodle?????!!!!

Kaitlin Flynn is a 4-year member of Lydia Siipola's GGG program &is  starting her fourth season on HC girls golf team!!! 

Gingersnap cookies with ground flax seed for post-event GGG snacks

Sydney DeBari gives her approval & played HC varsity girls golf 

The Girls GO Golfing gang is ALL HERE! 
Amanda is ready to drive!
Radhika Ragam & GGG director John Siipola

Fashion on the Fairways:Sydney DeBari!

COUSINS & SISTERS & Fashion Twins:oh, my!
From left: Sisters Tara & Brooke Ferenczy with their Dearest Cousin Hayley.
She is dearly missed by all of us & all who knew her: A GGG stalwart golf fan and a most
Courageous & Brave Angel With A HUGE HEART & GENEROUS  SPRIT.
Hayley Filippini

From head-to-Toe Golfing "twins" at GGG's
Fashion on the Fairways competition

GGG Director & Retired HCRHS Varsity Girls Golf
Team coach Lydia Siipola takes a break as the
A.E. Putting Station Lead Instructor to
pose with her GirlsGO Golfing juniors
who came out to the junior clinic at the
Annika Experience at Fiddler's Elbow.

From Left: Dearest Hayley Filipini
posing with her "TWIN" cousin Tara Ferenczy
at the Fashion on the Fairways
Girls GO Golfing event

Rockin' the "Twins" look are Taylor Filipini
& Nicole Petrocchi


Growing up with GGG: Jess Reed, Marissa Castaldo,
Sydney DeBari & Deanna Smith.

Clothing : Oh, yeah!

Your GGG directors relocated to PA in June, 2010 on a quest to solve Coach Lydia's
mystery health disease yet continue to direct the GGG events onsite in NJ.
DEDICATED to PROMOTING the game & Girls GO Golfing with a smile
as long as we are able.

 I like MY color sunglasses


Sydney Smit knows how to get the ball into the hole

And into the fairway!

Rachel, Hayley and Deanna FIND A FRIEND at GGG!

Smile says it all: Golf is FUN.

High Bridge Hills GGG fun!

Julie & Julia watch the ball heading s-l-o-w-l-y to the hole

Adult volunteer Sooha Lee Park & her happy golfing group

From left: Katie Lee( future 4-year HCRHS member & currently beginning her collegiate golf career with
Columbia University's women's golf team), adult volunteer Kathy Smith, Lizzie & Sydney having fun at

Lauren Magro, Chloe Stoia, Gianna Castaldo and Sarah Hardwick

Lizzie knows cool socks

Stylin' golfing pals: Marissa & Celena

From left: Future & current HC varsity girls golf team
members Katie Lee & Lizzie Venditti

Julia Tonnessen, another HC varsity girls golfer joins in
the SMILE contest with her GGG group

Kaitlin Flynn looking the part!

Gianna & Chloe

Gianna, Lauren & Chloe

From left: Inna (future HC girls golf team member),
Sydney, Lizzie & Emily

Pausing for a smile after our golf shot
 with Lizzie & Coach Lydia

Its a fact: we think golf is FUN

Sooha Lee Park's group wants to know:
can we get back to playing golf?

Nicole Petrocchi's Million dollar smile!

An another one from Lizzie Venditti!

There is NO place like Girls Go Golfing

Girls + golf = FUN

Posing with our fearless leader!

This video is available on You Tube

High Bridge Hills golf with GGGers Radhika, Gianna & Sydney

Rarity Valley Country Club golfing hijinks
with Marissa, Radhika & Marissa