Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This just in from my buds Pia & Lynn at VISION 54!!! Thinking 54 Around the Clock!!!

Happy Autumn!

VISION54 Fall logoWith fall in the air, we felt it was time for us to check in with all of you to give you an update on the latest happenings at VISION54.

Golf Digest Top 50 Teachers 2013-2014We are very honored to have been again named two of the “50 Best Teachers in America 2013-2014” byGolf Digest magazine. Golf Digestprepares the list every two years, polling more than 1,000 teaching professionals for their opinions of their peers. It is the only list of top teachers voted on by the teachers themselves. Lynn was ranked #25 and Pia #17, maintaining their positions as the two highest ranked female golf teachers in America. You can read the full article in the November 2013 issue orclick here.


We are introducing a new program this winter called Essential Playing Skills – Four Session “Boot Camp” at Talking Stick Golf Club. This program was created to teach the Art of Playing the Game to local Arizona golfers who wish to learn playing skills that will complement what they do with their technique and fitness. These skills will enable players to perform better on the golf course and in competition. There are multiple sessions planned throughout the winter and spring with reservations already being accepted. Half-day VISION54 introductions have also been added. You can check the schedule and make your reservations here.

We are also very eager to conduct our three-day program at Kapalua Resort in Hawaii at the end of February. Participants will learn the foundational playing skills to play your best golf ON the golf course. For details, click here.

Feb 21-23, 2014
Kapalua Resort, Maui, Hawaii

Many of our alumni choose to attend our three-day golf programs several times so they can go deeper with the Essential Playing Skills. To provide another option, we have created a new alumni program for this purpose called Alumni “Going Deep with your EPS”. We currently have two scheduled in Arizona, one in the fall at TPC Scottsdale and one in the spring at Talking Stick Golf Club. Details are available here and reservations are now open for both.

Nov 22-24, 2013
TPC Scottsdale
Apr 18-20, 2014
Talking Stick Golf Club, Scottsdale

For more information on all of our golf programs, please check out our website at vision54.com.

VISION54 Apps Coming Soon!Our popular VISION54 iPhone app is currently being refreshed and updated. In addition, we are really excited to share the news that we are working on creating our first mini-app for iPhone. Both apps will be released before Christmas. Stay tuned for more details…

We are also busy creating new e-booklets, and our fourth book will be published in 2014! As you can tell, our creative juices are flowing and we are really excited about all the many projects we have in the works. We will share the details with you as soon as they become available.

Mental Golf Workshop Profile
Foundational to what we do at VISION54 is supporting the golfers we coach to become more independent and embrace becoming their own best coach. The Mental Golf Workshop Profile provides key insights and practical information that helps this ownership of your game to evolve. There isn’t one best way of playing the game, but there is YOUR best way. We call that discovering your MY54. To more efficiently discover your own tendencies, we highly recommend that you take the Mental Golf Profile. It’s very simple and doesn’t take long to complete, but we have found it to be very accurate and useful for the golfers we coach. For details, click here.

Reflection Time

Competition is all around us and competition is required for pursuing excellence. Competition creates the necessary environment for growth and evolution. For the last couple of months we have been busy with lots of competitive players and observed and coached at individual events, team events, US based events, as well as in Europe.

From a VISION54 perspective, we often come back to the three levels of competition:

The individual level – what do you need to act on to bring out your best? Even in a team event, each player needs to pay attention to their MY54 (what you do when you play great). This level is referred to as the ego-centric perspective.

The team/group level – how can you help the team and the team help you? If you all have a common intention or decide on a value for your team, you can make it much more powerful: 1 + 1 = more than 2. Even in individual golf events, each player can create a team to maximize this effect. For some, it might be as simple as making your team, your club, or your country proud. This level is referred to as the ethno-centric perspective.

The global level – how can my actions as a golfer help grow the game and make sports more relevant and valuable to society? Whether we like it or not, and we don’t have a choice, we are all role models for how the game and sports in general are perceived. Our actions either contribute to evolving the game in a positive and productive direction or they don’t. Be clear on your intention for golf and sports beyond yourself. What greater purpose does it serve? This level is referred to as the global-centric perspective.

When we read posts on social media and articles regarding growing the game we are disappointed at how many get stuck at only one level of competition. For the game to grow, and for this game of ours to evolve, let’s be sure to filter our ideas and concepts – and most of all our ACTIONS – through all three perspectives.

We need it, you need it, the game needs it!

Best 54 Wishes,
Lynn & Pia


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