Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yoga, Golf and the NFL: Girls Go golfing says They Are Perfect Together!


The Hunterdon Central girls' golf team was on a mission, coming off its 2009 state championship season and a 16-0 record. These young women were athletes for sure.

They went beyond the typical high school golf preseason. They worked in the weight room; spent much of the preseason in the school's gym working on their short game and swings; and, yes, they even did yoga.

The yoga concept took off as the team decided to hold a GOGA (golf and yoga) benefit three Saturdays in March.

The concept was 50-50 yoga and golf. HealthQuest's Kristi Carver ran the yoga session and the players took over by running the golf stations. Instant hit!

Currently, yoga has taken off in the college and professional sports world... and not just for women. USA Today ran an article this weekon how yoga has taken on a major role in athletics, not only for conditioning and flexibility, but also in healing along with the mental approach to sports.

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As for golf, Arnold Palmer's grandson Sam Saunders has seen his career jump-started after suffering through a serious back injury. Hello hot yoga and the return to the PGA tour.
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And those Hunterdon Central yoga girls in 2010? They "repeated the feat" by going 16-0 and claiming their second straight NJSIAA championship!