Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reese's Surprise Cupcakes for Girls GO Golfing directors' sister Rose!

Happy Birthday, Rose from your friends in the barn!!

Well, things were a little hot & humid today in Elverson, PA!!!! 

In honor of my twin sister, Rose's birthday on May 29, Johnny & I whipped up a batch of her favorite flavor in a cupcake!! 

Notice the subtle golf ball decorations!!!!

Johnny & I played 18 holes at French Creek golf club with Rose & her fiance yesterday.

My stamina was good for 7 holes...pretty cool.  I stayed with the group and enjoyed the views & awesome company & witnessed a near hole-in-one by Rose's intended Jay Bellowoar on the scenic downhill par-3 8th hole.

Thanks to my sister Maria for sending me to the Bewitching Kitchen blog where I found the recipe through another blog  The more than occasional baker blog recipe for Reese's Surprise cupcakes!!!!