Tuesday, November 24, 2015


GGG co-directors on-site at 2015 US Women's Open 
Johnny & I have the fortunate circumstance of living near Savannah, Georgia through the end of April, 2016!

We remain committed as Directors of the 2016 NJSIAA girls north sectional qualifier -click here to read my 2015 recap). It will be six years since we left our beloved Hunterdon County home--coming back every year is lots of fun--seeing some old haunts, renewing old acquaintances and meeting new friends all in the name of GIRLS GOLF!!!!!!

Some cool things are happening at VISION 54 with my old buddies PIA & LYNN--yes, you may have seen them on GOLF CHANNEL as Golf Academy instructors.  They first came to my attention in 2006 when I sent myself out to The LEGACY Resort in Phoenix, Arizona to attend their 3-day Integration & Balance Workshop. (They have since moved to Talking Stick Resort.) I was in the classroom (always a favorite place of mine) and on-course with them. Gail Graham was in my playing group on day one. One of the players in the group made SIX consecutive birdies to close out our nine holes--whilst under Gail's quip-barrage--even at one point noting the hat trick that MIGHT occur if the player made the putts--PIA was along for the nine with us calmly mentoring us in a YODA-like manner (minus the squeaky voice and backwards talking---okay, so maybe NOT so YODA-like).
VISION 54 Integration & Balance circa January, 2006!
The memory has stayed with me.
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WHY did I take a trip out there, you ask? At the time I was about to start a third season as coach of a high school girls golf team and wanted to LEARN FROM THE BEST. Learn I did, the rest is history---girls golf history in NJ! 

Speaking of the best as it relates to getting your kids excited about golf & LEARNING, I have a name for you: Nicole Weller at The Landings on Skidaway Island!!!!!! 

She has some original ideas and a creative flair to get your youngster golfing. Those of you looking for age-appropriate (i.e. 3 to 10-year -olds) Christmas golf gifts, stocking stuffers, prizes or a curriculum you can integrate into your existing junior programs and/or camps:
CHECK HER ACTIVITY book & cards out here  

I wrote about Nicole in a GGG column you can checkout by clicking HERE!
Nicole Weller & Lydia Siipola are all smiles
when it comes to talking junior golf!