Friday, September 2, 2016

2006 Red Devil Invitational Champion , Vanderbilt University & Wayne Hills High school Alum Jersey Girl Marina Alex shoots 64 in Round 2 of the MANULIFE LPGA CLASSIC IN ONTARIO, CANADA.

CLICK here to watch Marina's Round 2 highlights 

CLICK here to read about Marina's round two

Hi, everyone: Its been awhile since I have posted. I've been a bit busy the last eight months or so.

Doing what?

Marina Alex 
Recovering from the traumatic injuries I received on December 27, 2015.  An SUV ran me down and then ran over me whilst I was riding a bike in a low traffic, residential area.

Thank you to the Trauma OneTeam at Memorial Hospital in Savannah, GA: they called me their Christmas miracle. Two broken clavicles, a skull fracture, jaw-wired shut, the most severe facial fractures you can get and broken ribs.

Eight operations later, my husband and I are focused on recovery and happy to be spending quality time with each other. Hopefully the double vision will resolve along with all the aches and pain.

My husband, family & friends (near & far, old & new) have provided much love and support.

I am so happy for Marina Alex. She was the champion at the third Red Devil Invitational tournament  and food drive I had started while I was the head coach of the Hunterdon Regional high school's varsity girls golf team.

At the time, it was the ONLY 18-hole golf tournament for high school girls besides the NJSIAA state championship. Fast-forward: the RDI will be in its 14th year in April, 2017.  Whoo-hoo!

I always wear a helmet and suggest that you do too.

See you around sometime!

"Mira" short for "Miracle"

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