Monday, December 14, 2015

ANNIKA, Vision 54 & YOU, Philadelphia-Area Golfers:PERFECT TOGETHER

VISION 54 is my favorite golfing philosophy! 

Coach Lydia running the putting station at
Annika's event at Fiddler's Elbow golf club. 
Those of you unfamiliar with the idea: it is the "vision" of Annika Sorentam's former coach Pia Nilsson!!

It is the belief that you can birdie every hole! A past shot has nothing to do with the shot being played NOW, in the present---that is, unless of course YOU (your brain) allow it.

I became familiar with it in my early coaching days. My goal was to create the best program I could and if you want to be the best you need to seek advice from the best.

I read the book Every Shot Has A Purpose. It is written by Pia  along with her Vision 54 partner Lynn Marriott. It was a no-brainer to send myself to Phoenix to spend some time with the golf gurus. I attended their 3-day workshop in February, 2006 where we spent time in the classroom (a favorite place of mine) learning V54 principles.

Then off to the range, short-game area and the golf course to employ those same V54 techniques and strategies with the SWING we brought with us (no beating balls here, folks! But your joints will thank you!)

I employed their techniques to my coaching program & the rest is Hunterdon Central girls golf program history Click here to read more

I encourage you to checkout the opportunity below offered by a Philadelphia Women's Golf group, Women Golfers Give Back


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