Thursday, March 28, 2013

LPGA & PGA Weekly Challenge Results for Red Devils

  • CONGRATULATIONS to KAITLYN for correctly picking the champion in both the LPGA (Beatrice Recari) & PGA (Tiger Woods) events!!! 
  • Very impressive as Kaitlyn's pick for the Kia Classic champion, Beatriz Recari had only won once before!!!!
  • Additional shout-out to Lauren Morello & Lauren Magro for naming the PGA Arnold Palmer Invitational champion Tiger Woods!!!!!!
Have a FANTABULOUS week-----have an awesome preparation for Monday's match!!!! April, here we come!!!!

Stability is important in putting!!!!

Thinking 27 for nine holes or 54 for 18 holes,

Your golf pals,

Coaches Lyd & Johnny

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