Sunday, February 16, 2014

GET GOLF READY, GIRLS with a little help from ANNIKA

Using a bosu ball strengthens your core and improves your balance

HI, everyone:

Feeling snowbound in the northeast? Feel like the spring weather will never get here?

The golf courses are covered with snow but you can still work on your golf game!!!

I love to take my exercise routine "UP and ONTO" the bosu ball.  Many exercises that are done on a flat surface can be adapted to an unstable surface like the one you see me using above.

By being on an unstable surface, deeper muscles are firing as you attempt to do the exercise on the unstable surface. The result? Core muscles are working harder to maintain your stability as you move increasing your overall fitness and stability.

Plus the fun factor is added!!! Just be sure you move though the routine using slower movements and less weight.

For more on fitness, learn from a world-class golfer who used fitness to increase her advantage on the golf course by clicking below:

Annika Sorenstam: Shape Your Body To Your Swing Golf Instruction:

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