Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shopping, Sandy, Apple Cake and Girls GO Golfing

Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.

-William Shakespeare
HI, everyone:

TWO shopping notes:
  • One involves our friend ANNIE at girls-golf 

  • Number two involves my sister NINA at ADORNAMENTS (online and Philly booth)

  1. If you make an order at girls-golf and tell them you are a friend of NJ girls go Golfing (GGG), you will receive 10% off of your order.

girls golf
founded in the USA
available in the USA. Europe. Canada. South America. South Korea.
email: web: 248-646-9355

     2. If you want to help out victims of Hurricane Sandy, ADORNAMENTS is donating100% of their special NYC ornament proceeds:GirlsGoGolfing: Buying ADORNAMENTS and helping NY neighborhoods affected bHurricane Sandy


Johnny and I are baking an apple cake this year for Thanksgiving that my sister Maria recommended. 

 Until then, here is the link: the-ultimate-apple-cake

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