Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Girls Go Golfing sixth event at Heron Glen on Thursday Sept.22 starts at 4p.m.


Win a prize for dressing up as "twins,"              "coolest knee socks,"
 "UNICOLOR,"           "opposites" or "favorite golfer."


HAVE FUN WITH with fashion & friends along the FAIRWAYS!!!!

Read these reminders: 
1. Play ends at 6:30 p.m. 
2. You will receive an email by 2 p.m. if we need to cancel. 
3.  Post-round thank you notes FEEL FREE to tell Jason what an awesome job golf pros Drew & Phil  did for us sent via snail mail to:

Jason Lenhart, PGA
General Manager High Bridge Hills

203 Cregar Road
High Bridge, NJ 08829

Have fun planning your FAIRWAY FASHION!!! Kudos to sisters Lizzie & Sarah for dressing as twins on Tuesday at High Bridge Hills!

With excitement & enthusiasm,

Lydia & Johnny
GGG co-directors

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