Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Starry, Starry Night & the Putting Star Drill

International space station & space shuttle night viewing

The site above has information for when they might be visible in your areas:

They will be visible here again (Tuesday), although further apart.

Meanwhile, I bet you want to be a PUTTING STAR once Mother Nature says we can hit the links,right???? 

----inside or outside set-up "5" points around your target 

(target can be a real golf hole, a dime, a NECCO wafer---anything flat that will allow a ball to roll over it).

While singing your favorite star-themed tune, putt one ball from each point "making" each putt consecutively, then putt two balls from each point again making each putt consecutively---see if you can get all the way to five balls from each point consecutively---and, oh, yeah--one more thing--GIMME 5 minutes on the clock!

Ready? GO!!!!!!

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